Mission Statement


KOLORETE is the only lip care brand that caters to the needs of the under-represented AAPI community. However, the KOLORETE formula works well for people of all backgrounds.

We believe high-quality should be available to ALL people, not just a select few: skin tones, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We don’t believe in one, singular ‘luxury look.’ You have inherent value and worth (with or without us). We believe YOU define what luxury looks like on you. 

At KOLORETE, we want to bring ‘high-quality’ ingredients back to the luxury beauty market and expand the image of luxury goods to work for everyone.

We also believe that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. We are deeply committed to sustainability in packaging using only the highest quality compostable, recycled, upcycled, recyclable, and consciously-traded materials.

Vision Statement


Our vision is to make luxury lip care accessible to all people. 

Everyone deserves better lip care and high quality treatment no matter who or what you are. We are committed to disrupt the luxury cosmetics market by representing diversity, equity and inclusion, developing well-edited luxury lip essentials made from high quality, healthy, and natural formulations, and becoming your #1 go-to brand for your instant clean-glam look. 

Our Founders

Angela Weinberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Angela is an entrepreneur, designer, operations strategist and leader with experience in the ethical e-commerce start-up space. She has worked with hundreds of suppliers all around the globe, building networks of international relationships for product development and inbound logistics. Not only is she the leader and executor of the KOLORETE brand identity and operation, but she is also the brains behind the unique KOLORETE formulations and an expert in product development and design. She is deeply dedicated to the sustainability industry and committed to brand innovation.

Johanna Vizmanos

Co-Founder & CMO

Johanna is a Filipino immigrant turned entrepreneur, a creative marketer and a fashion and beauty influencer. She is an expert in social media management, developing marketing campaigns, and building relationships with influencers. With a growing passion for community building, inclusivity and representation, Johanna filled in the gap in the beauty industry by catering to the needs of the AAPI community and by naming the brand 'KOLORETE' as it is the Filipino word for lipstick. She is the woman behind KOLORETE’s vision, giving it the title of "the first Filipino-owned lipstick brand in the U.S.”.


Elevate your lips in just 10 seconds


We all love lipstick for it's confidence boosting qualities, so we at KOLORETE have created an all-in-one, hydrating lip line for your everyday routine, developed to make you feel good without having to do too much. KOLORETE will provide you with long-lasting hydration formulated with clean ingredients that you can trust. Although we think you are already-beautiful just as you are, we feel lipstick is the gateway to feeling as beautiful on the outside as you already are on the inside. We hope our products give you the confidence to wear your inner beauty out-and-about everyday in less than a minute.